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GLF Coatings are powder coating specialists!

Powder Coating

No abrasions, no peeling, no lifting. Just a lovely smooth finish every time

Our powder coating services are incorporated across a wide array of commercial applications - including the NHS and the wider health sector, in stationery and real estate, as well as the transport, automotive and sports industries. You’d be amazed just how much powder coating is around!

Why is Powder Coating so effective?

Powder coating is basically the appliance of dry paint. The powdered paint is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the component, which then goes into an oven, where the powder particles form a smooth and consistent hard-wearing film.

Our Powder Coating Equipment

At GLF Coatings, we are able to handle all manner of powder coating, including pre-treatment, paint application and curing.

Our Ditchling Common facility is equipped with three sizes of oven – large, medium and small. This means we can manage every powder coating project, up to a maximum size of 4 metres in length, 1.15 metres wide and a depth of 1.55 metres.

Using paint manufacturers such as Akzo Nobel, Dupont and Valspar, we have over 200 colours in stock in the RAL and BS range. So we can cater for pretty much every shade – but we’ll order in any extra paint, should it be required.

Our processes are typically faster, more reliable and cost-effective than liquid coating.

Whether you require a one-off job or repeat orders – anything from a tiny metal part in an Arch Lever file to a bulky balustrade – our facilities should be right up your street.